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Private Tuition

Private Taekwon-do Tuition 

Private tuition is the most effective and flexible way in

developing your Taekwon-do skills and individual goals.

For those who lead busy lives and cannot commit to a

structured class timetable week in week out, 

we are able to offer flexibility and work

around you, helping to develop your Taekwon-do

knowledge and skills.  

We will also focus on you fitness! This training

combines the elements of Taekwon-do, strength training,

functional movement and high-intensity interval training, in a diverse and dynamic workout, structured to meet the students needs and abilities. 

The private tuition will be delivered by Instructor Simon Scales 4th Degree Blackbelt who is the founder of Inspire Taekwon-do.  Simon has been studying martial arts for over 40 years.  He has taught dozens of students over the years, with many reaching blackbelt and some of whom have won World Championship Gold, Silver and Bronze medals! Simon is also a very knowledgeable and professionally qualified personal trainer, who is well known and respected for this.  


What ever your goals are Simon will ensure you are on the right path to achieve them! If you would like further information on private tuition or any other aspect of Taekwon-do please email 

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