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How to Join


Anyone is welcome to come along and experience a class, in fact we offer up to a month of free lessons to make your mind up! Our classes are a warm welcoming friendly and safe environment in which you will start to learn about Taekwon-Do and yourself, taking the first steps of an incredible journey.

Once you decide to start, you will receive and complete the following:


  1. Complete and pay for your annual license, just £20 annually!

  2. Pay monthly fees after free lessons.  Our monthly fee is £32 per month for all available lessons, only £2.67 per hour!.  We also discount for additional family members, full time further education students and anyone who is a student or staff member at our venue in Samworth Church Academy.

  3. Complete full contact details

  4. Order your white suit - Dobok

  5. Free start up gift to assist your training


When you start we have the following packages which will save you some money starting up.

Start Up Package: 


This includes your white Dobok (suit), Licence and first months fees, which is a 25% saving.  We also offer a joining gift to help with training. Training fees are then taken thereafter due on the 1st of each month with discount to further family members. For the further information please click 

We also discount for second and additional family members.  

We work with NEST Management to manage our fees which are paid by Direct Debit.  


NEST Management Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 (registration no. 765747) for the provision of payment services.

In addition we have a secure members site when you join which will assist you with training, information, stretching, fitness and much more including a martial arts equipment shop. You simply log in and apply as a new member.

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