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About Us

Who are we?

Welcome to Inspire Taekwon-do! 

After the success of the London Olympics, we were established in 2013, nearly 11 years ago now, in the hopes of carrying on to “inspire a generation”, which we have achieved time and time again over the years!  As a family friendly club, we want to encourage all people to discover their true potential!

Our classes are not only centered around learning Taekwon-do, but promoting positive pathways for our students, supporting the development of their physical and mental health and most importantly building an enthusiastic and friendly community!

If you have never done a martial art before or if you have been studying it for a while, we offer training for all abilities, hoping to see everyone thrive in their martial arts journey!

Your Instructor

Simon Scales, who is a 5th Degree Blackbelt, founded  the club and has been studying martial arts for over 40 year's.  His journey with ITF Taekwon-do started in 1984, however Simon's journey took him down alternate and diverse paths studying other disciplines such as WTF Taekwondo for many years as well as  Kung-fu, Kickboxing, Escrima and Boxing. 


Simon builds these styles into his teachings and encourages students to always embrace the learnings and knowledge from other martials arts to enhance their ITF Taekwon-do journey and believes ITF Taekwon-do is still developing from the original teachings laid down by its founder. 

Simon is also a professional personal trainer specialising in functional and bodyweight training with a strong emphasis on mobility and natural movement.   Simon ensures that this knowledge is incorporated into all his lessons maximising the full potential of his students.

What is Taekwon-do?


Taekwon-do is a fairly modern martial art developed in the 20th century. Its roots lie in a blend of various indigenous Korean fighting styles, but with a strong influence from Shotokan Karate but also  Judo, Hapkido, Boxing, Wrestling, and even Chinese martial arts influences fused into what is now known as ‘The Art of Hand and Foot’


With many different elements such as kicks, blocks, punches, throws, grapples and more, Taekwondo teaches you not only effective self-defence, but also offers new challenges and skills you can embrace and enhance.

 A central element of Taekwon-do are its 24 Patterns that student learns as they progress through the ranks.  Patterns are sets of various movements, both offensive and defensive, against an imaginary opponent.  These are performed in a fixed and logical sequence to help the student to develop correct technique, balance and precision​.

​With a rich culture surrounding it, it is also an opportunity to learn about the culture of Korea, and how major historical events moulded this martial art.

Above all though, moral culture is a fundamental part of Taekwon-do with emphasis placed on courtesy to others such as self-discipline in behaviour.  This is embodied in the five Tenets of Taekwondo:​



Overall, martial arts fulfil many needs for many people such as  improved fitness, confidence and self-esteem, self-defence, self-discipline, weight loss, self control and channeling aggression. 


It can offer an escape from the stresses of everyday life or just an opportunity to increase your circle of friends. From 5 years to 70 plus years, whatever your aims, Inspire Taekwon-do can help you!

Take you time to read through our posts, look at some of our photos and come and give us a visit, we cannot wait to see you there!

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