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Covid Safe

We at Inspire Taekwondo-do have been training throughout the Covid pandemic be it online or at our outside venue.

During this time we have complied with government guidelines to the letter to control the spread and ensure our students train in a safe environment adhering to government advice and of course common sense. 

The covid landscapes have changed many times and currently the restrictions are relaxed allowing training to continue as normal.  However Covid is still very much within the communities with new variants coming into play in cycles as expected, so we must maintain good practices as below!

To ensure our covid safe practices we ask that students are open and honest about covid symptoms and test if they have such symptoms or are living with someone who has symptoms.  

In addition we ask students wash their hands after use of toilet facilities and use hand sanitiser, ensure their equipment is kept clean and wiped down  / washed after every class.  

Not only does good hygiene practices stop the spread of covid but other infectious illnesses as well. 

It is common courtesy not to attend class if ill. 

There are some useful links around the control of Covid and the current guidelines below:

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