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Suitable for ages 5 years and above. 


Our Taekwon-Do classes are run twice a week ensuring the student gets all the benefits of regular training, enhancing their learning, developing skills and ensuring steady progression in their own Taekwon-Do journey.  We are proud in offering longer classes than most schools which enhances the experience by the student. 


The classes are generally in 3 parts:

  • Warm up / fitness 

  • Taekwon-Do training which may be  traditional kicking, punching and blocking techniques or pad work and patterns. We also focus on sparring to develop speed, accuracy and power. 

  • Stretching and cool down.  Stretching is important as it helps prevent injury and improves flexibility which will assist the student to become more proficient in Taekwon-Do.

The classes follow a structured syllabus to ensure that the student is ready for their grading's.  Classes will be fun, friendly and challenging at the same time.

We are very much a family orientated club and It is quite common to have children training with their parents in the same class.  This is certainly the case with myself as both my children who have been training with me for some years. 

Taekwondo quickly becomes more than just a hobby, it becomes a way of life where you will make new friends from this and other clubs within the Heart of England Group.  Taekwondo is a very healthy way of life promoting an ethical platform to improve the students overall mental and physical well-being.

You are most welcome to come and try for yourself, our door is always open! 

Class Times


6:30pm to 8.00pm for all grades



  6.30pm to 8pm for all grades 

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